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In-House Services

You know that IP is your company's greatest asset; yet managing the internal
aspects of your IP never gets the attention it deserves because management is
fully engaged in other aspects of the business.  You can't afford to hire an
experienced full time IP manager, or a specialized IP counsel, yet you can't
afford to continue as you are either.

McKay IP offers an affordable option:  we will act as your in-house intellectual
property agent under a fixed rate monthly arrangement.  Your company pays
significantly less for this than for IP agency work, because unlike agency work,
IP management involves only the time of the IP expert, and not salaries for
support staff and complex systems.  We work with your staff and, at your
option, McKay IP will also train your existing staff to carry out basic IP
management functions, to reduce your company's reliance on outside experts.

You can keep your present patent and trade-mark agent (which McKay IP will
manage for you to ensure fair billing and good quality) or to switch some or all
of your work over to McKay IP.  (Agency work is billed at agency rates whereas
management work is bill at management rates.  Both types of work are available
on a fixed-price basis if requested.)

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